A.C.E textbook and learning methods

Core Curriculum

Core curriculum provides students with academics, skill building, reading practice, character and wisdom training, and knowledge of God and His Word. This complete package begins with reading development and progresses through high school, giving students a solid foundation for pursuing their life goals.

Students who are more skilled may progress at a faster rate or may accelerate in the areas of their academic strengths. Slower students are encouraged to do their best but are able to work at their levels of proficiency and proceed as they are capable.

Each core subject consists of 12 PACEs (Packet of Accelerated Christian Education) per level. Typical students work daily on one PACE in each subject and may be performing at varying levels. The diagnostic test results help to identify academic weaknesses and prescribe a path to help students catch up. Most students complete at least 70 PACEs per year, while maintaining academic balance by completing about the same number of PACEs in each assigned subject.

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Core Subjects

  • Math | (Levels K-12)
  • English | (Levels K-12)
  • Literature and Creative Writing | (Levels 2–8)
  • Social Studies | (Levels K-12)
  • Science | (Levels K-12)
  • Word Building | (Levels K-9)
  • Bible Reading | (Levels 1–6)

Samples textbooks used by students in SOT cources

textbook image

Learning Method

Each subject has 12 tasks, each one is divided into 5 parts:

Sequence Description
1.Reading It is equivalent to the teacher writing down all the lectures and reading it by yourself, which is why you can learn by yourself.
2.Writing Assignments to be written after reading.
3.Small Test After writing, review and quiz. In general, there are three quizzes.
4.Mock Exam Self-mock exam.
5.Formal Exam A formal exam under the supervision of a teacher. The score must reach 80% or more of the subject content to be qualified before you can proceed to the next unit.

Inside the classroom:

Generally speaking, a classroom has two teachers (two teachers are responsible for different aspects of tutoring). Each student has his/her own private desk, and there are two partitions on both sides of the desk, so that it cannot interfere with other students. There are generally two flags on the desk: one is the national flag, responsible for life issues. For example, if you want to drink water, go to the toilet, change your homework, etc., you need to leave your seat and you need to raise this flag. The teacher in charge of the flag can leave the seat after permission. The other flag is the Christian flag, which is used to solve academic problems. For example: not 2+2=? , Then after raising this flag, another teacher in charge of this flag will come to help.

Target (Goal) setting:

Every student must fill in the goal card every week. Set goals at your own pace every day and complete them. When finishing an assignment, cross out today’s goal and set the goal for the next day. In the student's goal setting process, if there is a situation where the goal setting is inappropriate (too many, unable to complete; or too few, slow learning progress, etc.), teachers will suggest to assist in modifying the goal to a more appropriate goal.

Goal Card Sample

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Master Sheet Sample

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Character Development

A.C.E pays attention to human education. The following are 60 positive character traits that are focused on cultivation.

No. 中文 日本語 한국어 English
1 感恩的 感謝心のある 감사하는 Appreciative
2 创新 創造的な 창의적인 Creative
3 果敢的 勇気のある 용기 있는 Courageous
4 仁慈 憐み深い 자비로운 Merciful
5 负责任 責任感のある 책임감 있는 Responsible
6 专心 集中的な 집중하는 Concentrate
7 果断 決断力のある 결단력 있는 Decisive
8 灵活 柔軟性のある 융통성 있는 Flexible
9 有洞察力 観察力の鋭い 관찰력 있는 Observant
10 安全的 安全な 안전한 Secure
11 帮助的 役に立つ 도움이 되는 Available
12 有礼貌 礼儀正しい 예의가 있는 Polite
13 宽恕 寛大な 관대한 Forgiving
14 乐观 楽観的な 낙관적인 Optimistic
15 自控 自制心のある 자제심이 있는 Self-controlled
16 委身 献身的な 헌신적인 Committed
17 可信赖 信頼感のある 신뢰할 수 있는 Dependable
18 友好 親しみのある 친숙한 Friendly
19 耐心 忍耐強い 인내심 있는 Patient
20 真诚 誠実な 진실된 Sincere
21 有同情心 同情心のある 동정심이 있는 Compassionate
22 坚定 覚悟とした 단호한 Determined
23 慷慨 寛容な 넉넉한 Generous
24 平安 平安に満ちた 평화로운 Peaceful
25 顺服 従順な 순종적인 Submissive
26 关心 気遣いのできる 관심이 있는 Concerned
27 勤劳 勤勉な 근면 성실한 Diligent
28 温柔 優しい 온유한 Gentle
29 坚持不懈 持続的 지속성 있는 Persistent
30 机智的 賢い 재치 있는 Tactful
31 自信 自信がある 자신감 있는 Confident
32 有辨别力 識別能力のある 분별력 있는 Discerning
33 诚实 正直な 정직한 Honest
34 有说服力 説得力のある 설득력 있는 Persuasive
35 有节制 控え目のある 절제력 있는 Restrained
36 周到 思いやりのある 사려 깊은 Considerate
37 得体 きちんとした 상황에 딱 맞는 Decent
38 谦卑 謙遜な 겸손한 Humble
39 谨慎 慎み深い 신중한 Discreet
40 彻底 徹底的な 철저한 Through
41 一致 一貫性がある 일관성 있는 Consistent
42 高效 効率的 효율적인 Efficient
43 喜乐 喜びに満ちた 기쁨이 넘치는 Joyful
44 准时 時間を厳守する 시간을 잘 지키는 Punctual
45 节俭 倹約する 절약하는 Thrifty
46 满足 満足している 만족하는 Content
47 公正 公正な 공정한 Fair
48 善良 親切な 친절한 Kind
49 有目标 目的のある 목적이 있는 Purposeful
50 忍耐 我慢強い 끈기가 있는 Perseverant
51 合作 協力的な 협력하는 Cooperative
52 公平 公平な 공평한 Equitable
53 忠诚 忠実心のある 충성스러운 Loyal
54 足智多谋 機知に富んだ 지략이 있는 Resourceful
55 真实 真実な 진실한 Truthful
56 勇敢 恐れない 두려움 없는 Fearless
57 信实 忠実な 신실한 Faithful
58 柔和 温和な 온화한 Temperate
59 尊敬人 敬意のある 존경심이 있는 Respectful
60 有道德 徳のある 도덕적인 Virtuous