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Introduction of the School

Welcome to Tokyo Daniel International School (TDIS)

Our school is an international school based on the American A.C.E(Accelerated Christian Education)system and adjusting ourselves to fit the actual situation in Japan. This school is an international school certified by the official American A.C.E agency and gained the qualification to run a school in Japan.

About A.C.E

The American A.C.E system is a system that provides consistent English education content from kindergarten to high school. Our school provides all educational content in the A.C.E system; Elementary school (K1-K6), junior high school (K7-K9), high school (K10-K12). Graduates of this school will obtain high school diplomas recognized by the most countries in the world.

Like the A.C.E system, our school adopts an education method that is based on student self-direction and supplemented by teacher’s guidance. At the same time, our school pay attention to multilingual (mother tongue and other foreign languages) education other than English language. Students use A.C.E authorized standard English textbooks to study and there are multilingual teachers assist in teaching.

Our school recruit students from families in Tokyo, with different backgrounds from all over the world who are willing to accept a Christian education centered on Christianity. Feel free to contact us.

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Philosophy and Vision

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Implication of School Logo

By centering our faith of the Cross, it is cultivated by the Church, family, and school as One (Trinity) education method to educate the next generation towards Asian leadership serving the World.

n an international metropolis with high concentration of population like Tokyo, the students who wish to graduate from our school are like Daniel in the Bible, “Separation” from this world; with faith in God serving the society and the World. With Wisdom, Capability, Confidence and Courage to manage all kinds of work, study and family.

Background of Establishment

Date of Establishment: 15 February ,2019

Chairman:Soomin Park(Left)

Principal:Sooa Song(Right)

Background: Tokyo Nippori International Church(TNIC)Pastor/Pastor’s wife (Mrs.),Missionaries


Message from Chairman:

Shalom! Peace be with you all! The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. -- Proverb 9:10 (NIV)

The 21st century is the era of Asia. It is a requirement of the times to cultivate the leadership of Asian people and serve the World. The challenges our children have to encounter are different than those ever before. There are many things that we have never experienced before. Therefore, we need more wisdom that transcends the generations towards solving those problems.

“Where does this wisdom come from? The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Leadership development begins with the fear of the Lord. Those who fear the Lord, God has given them outstanding wisdom that the world cannot give them.

Joseph was the leader Prime Minister of Egypt. His leadership came from the fear of the Lord. Daniel was the leader, Prime Minister in Babylon. He is a man of wisdom. His wisdom also came from the fear of the Lord.

Today the entire world is encountering the crisis of the epidemic, the economic crisis and the crisis of global warming. Only people with God’s wisdom are able to solve such problems.

Tokyo Daniel International School is a school that cultivate talents who fear the Lord, and cultivate talents who serve the world with the wisdom from God. This is the calling and mission of our school.

You are welcomed to respond to this calling together.

Message from Principal:

Peace in the Lord! In the name of the Lord, bless all of you who visit our website.

The main feature of Tokyo Daniel International School is that it is a Christian education centered school. In other words, Tokyo Daniel International School is an educational community that provides Christian education based on the Truth of God’s words. We believe that the family, church, and school are all united in Jesus Christ and have the responsibility to educate the next generation with biblical values and visions. Through Christian education, a person believes in Jesus Christ is forgiven of sins and becomes children of God. We believe that Christian education is able to help people to be born again and saved, and have a beautiful enriched life. Besides, a mature person who love God and his neighbors as like himself. We believe that Christian education can play an important role in the growth of children. The first vision of the Tokyo Daniel International School is to cultivate people with the same spirituality and character as Daniel through Christian education. Let a person be the worker of the Lord who shines like stars in this dark age.

The second characteristic of Tokyo Daniel International School is that the students and teachers are composed of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. We live in school every day and are naturally exposed to the cultures and languages of the three countries. In addition, the school provides a language education and cultural exchange environment, so that all students can speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean in addition to English. The second vision of Tokyo Daniel International School is for students who have learned and mastered the Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages and cultures to become leaders in East Asia and serve the world. They will grow into a person of peace.

Finally, the teachers of Tokyo Daniel International School are composed of pastors and education experts. They pray for God’s wisdom and love at all times to serve every student who is more precious than the world.

We sincerely welcome those parents and children who receive Christian education and hope to grow up together.

School Characteristics

Emphasize the cultivation of belief ability

The most important thing at the Tokyo Daniel International School is "The power of faith." Faith is the core of all abilities in life. We will work tirelessly to cultivate talents who fear the Lord, love God and love others. Through the school's daily worship and various spiritual exercises (reciting scriptures, reading scriptures, praying, etc.) all kinds of school activities to help students grow in faith.

A.C.E courses are based on the truth and values of the Bible, and students will learn and live from the perspective of God. Through learning to build a personal relationship with God, understand the important responsibilities as a Christian to the family, church and society. The content of each textbook is based on every personality characteristic of the Lord Jesus Christ. While studying the knowledge of various subjects, students can understand that they can learn the essence and definition of the main words in the Bible, and further understand and form the outstanding personality of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Optimized education system for the future

Tokyo Daniel International School attaches great importance to the cultivation of learning ability. A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) is an educational method that has been validated in more than 50 years of history to cultivate students' self-directed learning ability. Self-directed learning methods. It is one of the best educational methods to face the new 4th industrial revolution era. Many A.C.E graduates who are active in society and the workplace have proven their self-dominance and international leadership. The self-directed A.C.E learning method is very effective in university, graduate school and lifelong learning after entering the society.

At the same time, under the self-directed learning under special guidance, students can arrange learning plans according to their learning ability and their own conditions. By mastering the subject of each course with high standards, students can devote themselves to learning with confidence and peace of mind.

Cultivate Global and International Leadership

Tokyo Daniel International School attaches great importance to the cultivation of "international leadership skills." What is most lacking in Japanese education, and also what is most needed in this era, is international leadership. The main teaching language of Tokyo Daniel International School is English, and all teaching materials, education courses and activities are mainly English. Students graduating from Tokyo Daniel International School will have proficient English teaching, homework, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

At the same time, we also attach importance to mother tongue education, and mother tongue-based English education cultivates students' bilingual thinking ability. Our students are mainly from China, Japan, South Korea, etc. The school offers special activities to help students master their mother tongue. During the study period, we establish close alumni relations with students from various countries. In our school, teachers with multi-language and international backgrounds help students understand their mother tongue and provide good multilingual learning opportunities. Growing up in a school with an international environment can help students gradually grow into talents with international leadership skills from an early age.

Trinity education method creates Talents

Tokyo Daniel International School implements a trinity education method. The three people mentioned here refer to "Church, School, and Family". Among the three most important environments for student growth, church, school, and family work together to guide students with the same goal and grow simultaneously to nurture students. We conduct comprehensive guidance and education based on the daily life of students, while taking care of the individual differences of students, so that students can learn actively and make up for their vacancies. Like the Trinity God we believe in, the three units of church, school, and family are closely connected and grow simultaneously to carry out an integrated education to cultivate talents.

Obtain a high school graduation qualification recognized by most countries in the world.

More than 1,000,000 A.C.E graduates worldwide.

When our students enter high school courses, they will register for high school courses at L.C.A. (Lighthouse Christian Academy). L.C.A. is a home school accredited by A.C.E. and provides certification services for A.C.E. L.C.A. provides graduates with the necessary diplomas and transcripts for university education and employment.

L.C.A. Official Website Universities in the U.S. that have accepted A.C.E graduates

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