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What is A.C.E

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A.C.E. is an abbreviation of Accelerated Christian Education system Also called “School of Tomorrow”. It is founded in 1970 by famous American educator and expert international Christian education, Mr. and Mrs Howard.

Since the establishment of the education system, Accelerated Christian Education (Headquarters: Tennessee, USA) has provided teaching materials from kindergarten to high school. At present, there are more than 7,000 schools in more than 140 countries around the world, and more than 80,000 home schools have adopted the A.C.E. education system, with more than 1 million graduates.

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A.C.E applicable teaching materials and learning methods

Reference:A.C.E applicable teaching materials and learning methods

Four Features

1.Personal guidance

Student centered and teachers are the supplementary. In a relatively private space, focusing on learning, students can advance their learning at their own pace. Teachers provide personal guidance when necessary to prevent student failure and support student learning. When encountering problems that students cannot solve by themselves, By raising the flag, the teacher helps solve the students’ problems.

In addition, unlike other regular schools, students in multiple grades study in the same classroom.

2.Academic ability test

Enrolled students will first go through a test to confirm their learning ability. Through the test, the strength deviation in all subjects is clear. Each student will, based on their own test results, They start learning at the actual level, instead of learning at the same grade level. Therefore, there will be no disadvantages of traditional centralized education: that is, one has to stay ahead of others, or one has to follow the overall teaching progress after being behind others.

For subjects that fail from the test, teachers will accompany the student to strengthen their weak points from tutoring, and challenge those points repeatedly until they pass.

3.Self-directed learning

Students set goals, learn and achieve goals every day. The daily progress of learning is planned by the students themselves, which is the key to self-controlled learning. This training allows students to clarify their learning obligations and responsibilities. At the same time, let students learn to set life goals and work hard for them. Establishing such a "goal setting" and "striving to achieve" thinking mode and behavior habits, its value will be used for their life.


The textbooks for all subjects are based on wonderful biblical values throughout. As the foundation becomes firmer, knowledge is accumulated. Students naturally understand what they are learning, and then plan their next learning goals independently. As a prerequisite for entering the next stage of the course, students must have a minimum of 80% of the textbook content.

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Comparison between Christian Education and Secular

Perspectives Secular education Christian education
Philosophy Human-centered = Humanism God-centered = Theism
Purpose Make a person useful and teach facts in society. It is learning to know God. Teach the facts, and the light in the Word of God explains them correctly.
About God eople are the center. God does not exist, or he is accidental and has nothing to do with education. All learning surrounds human truth. God is the center, man is made by God. God does exist, and He lives now. All learning revolves around the truth of God.
About Bible he Bible has nothing to do with education. There is no real education without the Bible. The Bible is the foundation of all truth.
About Wisdom Education is the source of wisdom. The wisdom of the world must be sought. Humans think they have wisdom. God is the source of wisdom. Seek spiritual wisdom from God. Acknowledge that you lose your wisdom if you leave God.
About Life Life is human, and it is what people think. Life is God's, and the sovereignty of life is in God's hands.
About Human Human beings are the product of evolution. Man is basically good, so he does not need a savior. Mankind is progressing. Humans supply themselves. Human beings were created in the image and likeness of God. Human beings have a sinful nature, so he needs a savior. Humanity has fallen. Humans should serve God.
About Science The laws of science are reliable. Science has all the answers. The theory of evolution is usually taught in the light of facts. The laws of nature exist in this way. It is human to discover the laws of nature. The laws of science will never change. God cannot make mistakes. God has all the answers. Science should be based on creation theory. God is actively involved in science. God created the laws of nature. God displays his law according to his sovereignty. God has the sovereign right to rearrange the scientific laws according to his will at any time-then miracles will appear!
About History There is no supernatural historical process. History is the study of human beings other than God. There is no known beginning, and no known ending history. The purpose of learning history is to be more knowledgeable and accept other cultures to avoid past mistakes. God is take charge of the History. History is the fact of the relationship between the Creator and the created. History begins with creation and will continue until God takes us home.
    History is a well-known beginning and an end. The study of history is directly related to man’s obedience or disobedience to God’s commands. Students learn the blessings of a country that obeys God.
    Students also learn to recognize that the hand of God is on world events. Students develop a universal heart and mind, so that they can have a positive impact on the world for Christ's sake in the future.

Parents:Which kind of education will you choose for your children, the precious next generation entrusted to you by God?

We are a Christian school. It means that we all admit that we are followers of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. We believe that the Bible is inspired by God and is the authoritative revelation of God for all life. In the Gospel, Jesus urged the people to follow and trust in Him, and at the same time believe the Good news from the Kingdom of God. We believe that the Christian school is the body of Christ and the Christian family. God commands us to glorify him and do according to his will. These are all revealed in the Bible, in creation, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.